Monday, June 9, 2014

Small Courtyard Beautification

Tons of work has been done in the small courtyard over the past month.  A special thanks to Joelle Hawkins and Denise Dunn for everything they have done to make this space so special, peaceful, and chock full of educational opportunities! 

 The new work included:
-Five raised beds with flowers and vegetables planted
-Each bed has a theme, such as rainbow garden, plants with animal names, and sensory learning
-Sod planted and new student and teacher benches installed for the class learning area
-Weather station refurbished
-Encroaching weeds and vines trimmed back
-A large rock reading/sitting circle encompasses the dogwood tree
-Bird houses donated from the girls scouts
-Fish pond cleared and feeding schedule established (thank you to Mrs. Shoop's class)
-The fennel (which is a host for butterflies) had 2 caterpillars "nesting".

 A calendar has been posted at the entrance to the small courtyard for teachers to sign up for a specific time for their classes to use it.  The second graders have already found it to be the perfect place to release the butterflies they have been observing in their classrooms!
Students that use the small courtyard should not step in any of the raised beds or inside of the rocks that border the pond.  Also, please do not throw anything (rocks, mulch, leaves) into the pond.  Thank you for helping keep our small courtyard nice.  We are so proud of both of our newly refurbished courtyards!